Monday, April 30, 2007

[ladies and gentlemen] the power of the sphere

I have Temptation now and the process by which it happened needs to be told.

In this blogging game, there are, quite frankly, some twits and some pretty evil characters.

Then there are people like Geoff Jones who is one [and I shan't start naming you all because it would not end by midnight] who belong to the "wonderful league".

You know precisely what I mean and this is the reason I blog, truly. I've now finished giving my message to the sphere, [see the last post for part of it]; so what is left now is just the sense of community and this is every reason to continue.

Realizing the situation vis a vis Temptation [the New Order song], Geoff sent me "Confusion", which is excellent and I sent back asking if I could possibly have Temptation and Hurt.

He sent and my e-mail duly bounced him. He left a message to help him out with a g-mail or better e-mail and I never replied [I was actually working at that time].

Undaunted, he went through a firm on the web and got it to me, I've now downloaded and listened and I can tell you I'm pretty chuffed. I'd love to be able to respond in kind and it might be possible.

This evening I have plans to run 10 Russian clips to show you some of the music over here and this will involve Audiograbber and Sound Forge. Keep an eye out for them.

So Geoff, again, a big, big thanks from me.

By the way, try this site too.


Ellee said...

Geoff is the greatest, he is my mentor and blogging partner, what he doesn't know about the social media isn't worth knowing. Three cheers for Geoff....

Geoff said...

Many thanks for the eulogy James pleased to be of assistance.

sally in norfolk said...

Yes I agree with Ellee, he is the greatest and I Know I am such a very very lucky girlie... :-) :-)

Philip Baddeley said...

Geoff tells me that I am his best blogger (sometimes)- maybe it is time for another Our Social World Conference at which we can all pay homage, again!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hedoes sound a brilliant - and nice, and determined - guy. Looking forward to the music!

Lord Nazh said...

Great post..