Sunday, April 29, 2007

[simplicity] that to which to aspire

I don't know why but I love stark images and simple living, the power of nature, polished wooden or tiled floors with rugs - it's restful, even in its power. I like much that is electronic as well. Apart from the image to the left, listen to this clip:


... and you'll get some sort of index to the way I live. My blog is no indicator - it's far more ornate than I am. A girl came to my apartment and she commented on the single light bulb hanging from the centre of the ceiling.

Ashamed a little, I said I hadn't found the shade I wanted yet. She said not to touch it - she liked it that way. I have tubular bells near my window - they hang from the ceiling too and tinkle when there's a slight breeze.

There are no curtains over the windows, no blinds. When we go to sleep, the grey light shines through and in the morning, the sunlight through the large windows hits the golden parquet floor. I like it that way.

I serve meals in 12cm white bowls, on thick wooden boards with a piece of toast and a glass of water beside them.

I love the imagery of Leonard Cohen. I love Haiku. And you?


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I live in slightly more clutter. Moving in this weekend was like trying to do a Rubik's cube. But we managed it, somehow. My living room has wall to wall book cases and CD towers, plus I collect antique maps and things, so my living room is a cross between hi-tech and slightly oldie worldy. I'm in to dividing rooms into areas.
I'm a bit of an effete aesthere, sorry.

mutleythedog said...

Paper brought - Sunday Times
Simplicity violated.

jmb said...

I'm drowning in stuff. I never throw anything out, no matter how useless and after 30 years in this 10 room house it's time to move or something.

That's an interesting post about yourself James. Who would have thought?

sally in norfolk said...

Geoff took me to see the Leonard Cohen film,I'am your man. At the time i had never heard of him....then i fell in love with his music...

Bag said...

James, You found a woman who likes to live in a man style abode. Marry her.