Sunday, April 29, 2007

[blogosphere] last bulwark against the luminaries

It seems to this blogger that there is a tendency to what I hesitate to call provincialism amongst political bloggers.

The Americans are concerned with their own elections, as are the British and French and local issues dominate, e.g. the destruction of the British NHS and the U.S. southern border issue.

Brits look at EU issues only in terms of themselves and things like the French elections because of proximity to France and because of Segie.

Unwittingly, this is helping the anti-globalist cause immensely. Nationalistic meddling stymied the EU constitution which Jacques promised his masters would go through, like the Paris Olympics. Now, in slipping it through the backdoor, Merkel and Co. are openly showing their disdain for the "sheep".

Further to this, botching of the NHS and DTI big brother proposals has been a godsend in global terms, [though admittedly not too much fun for the victims] and Bush's attempts to sell his country down the drain [the SPPNA, March, 2005] are also meeting increasingly fierce local resistance.

Basically, it's clear that blogging, though lacking political power at this point, is still producing more highly educated computer users and these are practically the majority of sentient beings in the community.

This is good stuff.

One blogger doing a fine job looking both at local issues and the bigger picture is Croydonian but even he appears to be looking overseas with a local focus.

Increasingly, it's becoming necessary to see why, for example, the French election has ramifications down the track. A Sarko victory pressurizes Turkey's accession to the EU, already under threat and this, in turn, is threatening the moderate secularists in that country.

The continued hesitation on the part of the EU is playing into the hands of the extremists, hence the probability that the first cleric is about to be elected and Ataturk's legacy is under threat.

As students of British history and Gallipoli know, the Turks lie at the crossroads of all the coming action and they cannot be dismissed. It would be terrible if Turkey went the way of Iran. We personally are quite worried about this.

Cassandra, over at the Lighthouse, goes into some detail:

Taken at face value, this is an unbelievable statement: the Turkish military have the constitutional duty to safeguard Kemalist democracy and secularism in Turkey against the inherently undemocratic Islamic machinations of the AK Party, a wolf in sheep's clothing if ever there was one!

You might say that may well be so but what can we do on a personal level?

The answer is anything which stymies the globalist agenda, e.g. parochial nationalism, the demand for the English parliament, [this blogger has shifted on this once he thought through the implications fully], the globalist human inefficiency, sheer greed - these things are galling to the global luminaries and are really the last bulwark.

They're doing most of the damage themselves. Merkel's Bruderheist suggestion that the pan-European army is best left under the guidance of the Germans was wonderful.

Prince Charles's position, as confirmed by "The Illustrious Lineage of the Royal House Of Britain" [First Published in 1902 by The Covenant Publishing Co., Ltd., London] and with further confirmation by The College of Heralds, is that he is the the 145th direct descendant of King David and also, coincidentally, descended form the Prophet Mohammed [peace be upon him].

Naturally, this led to his application, just before full unification in 1993, to become the EU King of Europe but strangely, this was turned down by the European parliament.

According to Prince Charles at the time: "I am sure that many people consider that the United Kingdom is in an ideal geographical and historical position to act as an interpreter and mediator between the United States and Europe."

The Daimler-Benz scuppering of the joint Airbus project for fear of French dominance also helps the cause.

It's all good stuff.

Trade is particularly encouraging. National self-interest has scuppered Doha and now threatens to do the same within the next round, whilst at the same time reducing tensions by its very nature.

The World Bank [Wolfowitz] and WTO are coming in for enormous stick and the "sheep" are currently on a roll. But the "wolves" are not going to concede as easily as that. Keep an eye, for example, on the pan-EU security force and the constitution-which-is-not-a-constitution. You can do the latter by clicking on EU Sceptics in my sidebar.

Given that the MSM is controlled, [ex-boss Katie Graham and the Washington Post alone illustrates this],then the Blogosphere is the only medium still holding out against the luminaries and long may it be so.

Thinking small is thinking big in this situation - small nationhood, small government, local issues,focus on family and friends, lots of lovemaking and the imbibing of a modicum of the fermented beverage will scupper the agenda like nothing else.

Fortunately, this comes naturally to most people.


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Cassandra said...

Hi High,
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Croydonian said...

Guilty as charged, but I tend to think that I cannot blog French etc issues without being mindful that the bulk of my readers view the politics of other countries through the prism of UK experience.

Or is that just utterly lame?

james higham said...

No, I think I was out of order on this one because you bring these things to our attention and many don't. It was probably ungracious of me.