Tuesday, March 27, 2007

[mile high club] frinton goes bonkers

Tim Worstall started it with the news item concerning this radio station contest:

It basically concerns the English coastal town of Frinton, some 60 miles northeast of London, which is inviting winning couples for the next week to go to Atlanta, Georgia aboard a private plane equipped with champagne and a double bed. Tim is naturally apoplectic on missing out.

L'Ombre de l'Olivier has now taken it one step further:

Frinton is not normally a place where one discusses sex, and indeed given the average age of the inhabitants this is probably a good thing. Fortunately for the blood pressure of numerous retired gentlefolk, such as my dear parents, the
radio station's address is outside the gates - i.e. not within the proper upper class part of the town and thus presumably serves the more plebian surroundings such as Walton on the Naze. I shall be visiting the place this weekend so an on the spot blog exclusive about the rock concert is entirely possible.

This is indeed astounding news and though L'Ombre states quite clearly that "an on the spot blog exclusive about the rock concert is entirely possible," I don't believe a word of it. I think I know precisely why he's chosen to visit the olds on this particular weekend.

I'm also ashamed to say that I know something of this particular sport, flying Garuda at the time. And lastly, L'Ombre has also posted on the Segie and Sarko thing. It's a good read, close to the action.

Stay tuned.

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