Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[strange day] something in the air perhaps

Very strange day which got better later. From the very first client this morning it was clear the day would be difficult - cold, bitter - a sort of madness creeping into the people's minds. sometimes they'd just cross the road without looking, brains sort of dull.

Visitors to this site were few and I had the feeling it was a similar situation over in Britain. It was a day of impulsive actions and interestingly, the secretary at the ministry had picked up on it and put it down to the magnetic atmosphere outide.

People were very direct, short with one another, if not rude, demanding that this be done, that be done. Then it seemed to ease an hour ago, which is London's 4 p.m. To hell with it, let's have a drink was the decision.

Now - it feels better. I suspect it will pick up later and we'll relax and enjoy the evening but I further suspect that might be the cognac talking.


The Tin Drummer said...

It has been an odd day: I've seen huge weather fronts divert just past my window and head east across the whole sky and I've been kind of weirdly depressed/cross all day. not that this is entirely unusual, but anyway. A strange day. Perhaps the solar wind was strong today.

CityUnslicker said...

Mt Etna is erupting, perhaps it is that..