Monday, February 12, 2007

[relationship survey] some canadian results

1,500 adults were surveyed across Canada:

# 70% Canadians are in a relationship.
# 55 % of women said being faithful was the most important criteria;
# 49 % of men said being faithful was the most important criteria;
# 35 % of those polled said intelligence was a major factor in lasting love;
# 34 per cent of respondents said respecting the other's independence was important;
# 31 per cent said knowing how to listen was vital;
# 30 per cent of men said physical attraction rated high;
# 26 per cent said being nice was vital;
# 14 per cent of women rated physical attraction important;
# 12 per cent of males said being good in bed was a priority;
# 5 per cent of respondents rated money as very important;
# 4 per cent of females said being good in bed was a priority;
# respect and listening were significantly more important to the women than the men.

1] Do you believe these results?
2] Are they your priorities as well?


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that 'sense of humour' wasn't listed as a key factor or perhaps this was subsumed under intelligence? I'd also be curious about what 'intelligence' means in this context -- simply bright or with an emphasis on emotional intelligence? Personally, I'd rate the latter more highly.

I'm also surprised that fidelity was only important for about half the women surveyed. Amongst the women I know there seems to be higher expectation for fidelity than this survey indicates.

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Anonymous said...

Well, this gets complicated. I "believe the results" in that I think that's probably what people said. But I also think this level of ignorance about what really makes a relationship solid is probably why there are so many divorces. People just don't have any idea what to look for and what to assess about a prospective partner - what will really be important 10 yrs down the road.
As the former commenter said, sense of humour ranks high as a desirable quality. Not the kind of constant yuk-yuk that some folks put out, but the kind that sees the world in the same skewed way that you do and can make inside jokes about situations that would otherwise be highly stressful.
Intelligence, yes! Again as the former commenter said, I agree that the type of intelligence that makes a good relationship is not necessarily the Bill Gates type.
But I believe that statistics show that it is actually attitudes toward money, saving vs spending, that can tank a marriage faster than anything else.
It would be interesting to know how old those surveyed were. Given the choices they made, I'd hope they were under 30 and single!
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