Wednesday, February 21, 2007

[new blogger] between a rock and a hard place


First request: Does anyone either know of or could anyone send, to jameshigham[at]mail[dot]com, a three column New Blogger template which:

1] does not require css sheet fiddling or any sort of html construction at higher than moronic level;
2] is not Beta - this one has now superseded Beta [2006] and Beta templates aren't accepted any more;
3] is not an old Classic, widened to over 900px with an extra column tacked on but is the standard 790px width?

Second request: As if that isn't enough, does anyone have any idea how to put in:

1] "Blogging" blogrolls, such as my page and Blogpower uses;
2] codes in sidebars, such as for the quizzes people have been doing, [not in the post itself,] plus various other bits and pieces?

The issue:

1] Blogger tricked me into converting, by routing me to my site through New Blogger set-up, then informed me that ALL attached sites were also converted - no way back;
2] It's supporting my current template here under sufferance but the moment I change it [which I do frequently], I've lost my blog. I know this because I've copied my template and put it in an experimental New Blog [Mr. Badger] and it simply won't take it, with either widgets expanded or not;
3] There is only one site on the web, "Templatepanic", which supplies a usable three column in New Blogger. Gecko no longer do, Thurs, Freetemplates Inaini - they provide them but none of them work anymore in New Blogger. The one I found is the cursed Rounders with an extra column which is 995 wide [way off the screen] and though I've modified it, it's still not good.

Finally: It's a big ask, I know but I have to do something soon so please, please, kind people, if you have definitive knowledge to resolve this problem and can communicate it at technical nincompoop level, I'd appreciate it so, so much. Thank you.

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