Sunday, February 25, 2007

[fields of glory] croke park and murrayfield

Paul O'Connell

Yes, this may well be so - they had to wait 80 something years for the rematch, didn't they but I'm a little hazy on some of the other games. Could any of my 32 Scottish friends tell me what happened at Murrayfield? Promise I won't ask 17 times. I suppose Italy were shamed, were they?


The Tin Drummer said...

James, surely you have 37 Italian friends and 17 Scottish ones?


An outrage, Mr Higham. I thought I would be safe here, of all places, from being reminded of the searing pain of this defeat. How wrong I was. How very wrong.

I need to go and lie down. And you need to start putting up warning signs - in the manner of 18 certificates -so that tender travellers will know when to look away.

God that hurt.

Kind regards (just).....