Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[domestic mystery] where did those glasses go

Tell me if this has ever happened to you:

After reading as document, I took my reading glasses off and put them down near the computer, then went and did this and that in the other rooms. Came back to the computer to continue work and they weren't there.

Searched everywhere, in every room, even trying to retrace the steps taken to get to the various rooms. Nothing. Went to the little room to think it out. Came back and same again. Went over by the window and there they were, on top of some books.

Twenty years ago, I went to buy a fish tank and parked the car near the shop. The Honda hatchback had a large rear area and I put my wallet and credit card down in there, cleared space, picked up the wallet but not the credit card and headed for the shop. The hatch was closed.

Panic in the shop, back to the car, everything taken out, including the spare wheel. Nothing. Then I saw the card - sitting on the window tray area near the front passenger seat. On any other occasion I might have accepted that, except this time I knew absolutely I hadn't taken the wallet out, nor the card, until I'd gone to the hatch.

Have you had similar?


Bag said...

"Of course" he says avoiding eye contact and looking sympathetic while also thinking there goes another great mind down the slippery slope to dementia.

"Happened to me many times Mate. I understand."

Liz said...

It's the elves, James. Everyone knows that.

james higham said...

Yes, yes, it's the elves. It's not, repeat not, dementia, he says, slipping into dementia.

Colin Campbell said...

I do it regularly, much to my wives amusement as I scurry around trying to evacuate the house and not being able to find my phone, wallet, keys...