Thursday, February 22, 2007

[cutting edge] the issue all bloggers should catch up with

What with ID cards, the NHS, presidential elections, the EU criminal justice horror and so on, it's so easy to miss the REAL world issue just now:

Fifty large trees went missing from Reykjavík’s largest outdoor recreational area, Heidmörk, during the installation of a water pipeline. Police found the trees in Hafnarfjördur yesterday. They are currently investigating whether the contractor hired by Kópavogur City, which is responsible for the operations in Heidmörk, was planning to sell the trees. Fréttabladid reports.

Kristinn Wium Tómasson, supervisor of the water pipeline project on behalf of Kópavogur, denied those accusations: “We decided to try and save trees that were three metres and lower in cooperation with the head gardener of Kópavogur. They will be replanted after the operations are finished.

Tómasson explained that the company Klaedning ehf. had moved the trees from Heidmörk to the lot of the contractor company Gardafell ehf. at Kópavogur City’s request because then the trees would be more likely to survive. Kópavogur Mayor Gunnar I. Birgisson said he was surprised by the reaction to the operations in Heidmörk. “We will plant trees instead of these, so everything will be as it should,” he said.

Now I think you'll agree - this is an issue that has to be thrashed out.


Liz said...

Labels: crime, Iceland

They just don't sit well together.

Ellee said...

They certainly should be prosecuted, it sounds a very arrogant company, they don't listen - read the psychiatrist's post today, it is all about listening. This may well backlash on them and harm their reputation.

I wonder how Jeremy is doing, btw. He is due back soon.