Thursday, January 25, 2007

[women] are completely equal to men ... or not

They’re bigger and stronger than before but does that mean that the desire to be equal should mean more sets for women – 5 sets, the same as the men – or has feminism gone over the edge? Here are the results of the Age Poll:

Yes - 69%

No - 31%

Total Votes: 201


Ellee said...

James, I disagree with the results, the focus should be on the quality of the game, it's true that women do not have the same physical strength and stamina as men, though saying that, these championship players probably train to the same level as men.

UK Daily Pundit said...

Anna walks on water. In every respect. I'd even learn to count to more than thirteen in Russian for Anna.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I quote from de Beauvoir:
"At times when heavy clubs were brandished and wild beasts held at bay, women's physical weakness did constitute a glaring inferiority: if the instrument required strength slightly beyond that at woman's disposal, it was enough to make her appear utterly powerless. But on the contrary, technique may annul the muscular inequality of man and woman: abundance makes for superiority only in the perspective of a need, and to have too much is no better than to have enough."