Sunday, January 28, 2007

[sunday quiz] today’s ten are a little harder

1] How many counters does a player start with in Backgammon?

2] Who was John Kerry's running mate in the 2004 US Presidential election?

3] After how many years marriage do you celebrate your Emerald wedding anniversary?

4] Contrary to popular belief, brides do not walk down the aisle to the altar. What do they walk down?

5] Europeans are familiar with A-4 size paper. What is the area of A-0 paper?

6] In Roman numerals, what is the letter M with a bar over it?

7] What is the Turkish custom of Falaka?

8] Who is Bibendum better known as?

9] Who won the 1936 'Miss Hungary' title but had to give it up because she was under 16?

10] Where would you find together a verso and a recto?

Answers are here.


Mr Eugenides said...


1. No idea.

2. Edwards.

3. 40?

4. Er... is it the transcept?

5. Really big.

6. Ooh, no idea, tell us!

7. Murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent members of ethnic minorities?

8. Dionysus?

9. Hedy Lamarr?

10. No idea, yet again.

Cleanthes said...

1. 15 - I can that easily.
2. John Edwards?
3) 30 or 35? 40 is Ruby.
4) The Nave.
5) 1 Sq mtr.
6) Lots. M without a bar is 1,000, so I'm guessing 10,000 - the romans would have baulked at having to write even 100 Ms in a row.
7. binge drinking when on holiday?
8. If you refer to the chap on the front of the conran Bibendum restaurant, he's the "Michelin" man.
but you probably aren't, so he probably isn't.
9. Eva Peron? Eva Braun, even?
10. On a musical score.

james higham said...

Gentlemen, I really do apologize. I've just noticed that the link has disappeared to the answers, probably whilst publishing [often happens]. Repaired now.

Mr. E: You did wonderfully, with one [1] correct.
Cleanthes: Brain the size of a planet with five [5].

Follow the link for the fine detail.