Thursday, January 25, 2007

[firefox] advice please, people

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I know you all said switch to Firefox but what do I actually have to do to changeover? I found it, it said Download, it's compatible but
The Morningstar's comment freaked me. Windows might have to be reinstalled as a repair? How? How will I know?

Has anyone out there actually switched from IE6? I suppose everything needs reinstalling and my internet provider will probably have to be told, yes? New e-mail too but that's not a problem.

Are there any glitches with it?


ThunderDragon said...

Firefox is just a browser. Windows needing reinstalling is an entirely different issue.

Cahngin to Firefox affects absolutely nothing else either on your computer or internet connection. All you need to do is download and install Firefox, ensure that it is recognised by your computer as default browser, and switch over your bookmarks.

Nothing else needs to be changed at all.

Ellee said...

Sorry James, I not technically minded and can't hep here, but I can say that Firefox is fantastic, you won't regret it.

Colin Campbell said...

As Thunderdragon said, they are just browsers. I have both and mainly use Firefox. There are a very small number of sites (such as the School Bookclub online ordering) that do not work with Firefox and for those I use IE6. I have installed IE7, but haven't used it much. I prefer the look of most sites on Firefox (including my own). Nothing to fear James.

The Morningstar said...

Firefox, like IE6 and IE7 is just a web browser, you just d/load it and run it, it installs itself easily and will import bookmarks from IE6.

IE7 is just the latest version of internet explorer it's an answer to firefox but I don't think it's close to being as good.

As for reinstalling windows to repair your current installation, if you are having constant problems with missing files that are reducing your ability to work you can put your copy of the XP CD in the drive and run it to repair your current installation.

All it does is run through an install checking all the right files are already installed. It shouldn't remove any other software. However if you aren't sure, or confident, of how to do it then I'd see if you find someone who is.

james higham said...

Think I'll appoint Sunday changeover day, after the Blogfocus is up. Thank you all for your help here.

Not Saussure said...

Further to Morningstar's suggestion about reinstalling Windows, make sure you try to repair Windows first. The Microsoft terminology is a bit confusing, so keep a close eye on what you're actually asking the reinstallation wizard to do -- you want it to repair Windows rather than do a complete re-install, since a full re-installation will wipe everything off your hard drive, which isn't what you want.

You should also be aware that -- as I recall, anyway -- doing a repair means you have then to download and reinstall all the innumerable Microsoft Service Packs all over again. It's not a job to be undertaken lightly -- if you're happy with Firefox as a browser, I'd be very inclined not to bother about trying to fix the IE problem, since it could really turn out to be a bigger job than you anticipate.

If you do decide to try to fix Windows, email me and I'll give you some suggestions about how to do it as painlessly as possible -- but it's not something I'd advise you to do unless you have to.

CityUnslicker said...

My IE broke due to some horrid worm thing ages ago. Switched to firefox and left IE6 in the bin.

never had a problem

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I find Firefox more stable than IE

Neo Conservative said...

firefox is far superior in terms of add-ons (like being able to d/l youtube videos to your machine for offline viewing) and in efficiency (it has a smaller footprint).

firefox is a totally stand-alone program, it has no effect on anything else. it will ask if you want to import your bookmarks... just say yes.

i haven't used 'internet explorer' in years... it's the edsel of browser s/w.

it also makes putting links into your blog a snap.