Wednesday, January 31, 2007

[blog evaluation] layout and graphics

The danger in running this post is that it will detract from the one before, which is far more important, especially Gavin Ayling’s observations. However:

I always invite criticism as to how to make this site better and certain bloggers have been helpful this way, inc. Disillusioned and Bored. As you know, I’m forever changing things and I’d like to put a few questions to you, if I might.

The poll below is designed to have multiple variants clicked but you can only 'vote' once:
Would you prefer to see on this site
My usual green tan maroon motif
Minima type sparse white with black motif
Devils Kitchen type red white colours
Samizdata type blue white grey colours
Busy design, changeable photo header
Sparse design, static geometric header
My usual Papyrus font
Verdana century gothic, as in this post
UKDP small news grabs
Longer, meatier posts on the main page
Longer posts, only short intro on main page
Lay off with the depressing posts eg the last
Make the posts more happy, travelogue type
Keep the mix of serious and light as it is free polls


UK Daily Pundit said...

Just no more papyrus James, please. It plays havoc with my eyes.

Ellee said...

The font is ok, but I prefer a darker colour type at it is easier to read, the pale ones are a real struggle.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

James, I have no problems with the colours and layout but, since you ask, I'd like to see all the posts displayed in last-one-written order. They jump about on me and I find it difficult to move from one to the other! [Probably my age again, huh?!]

Colin Campbell said...

Hello James

You have a unique and interesting mix of materials and how you present it does not matter much to me.

james higham said...

Comments here carefully read and evaluated. I'll go with the majority on all bar the font. I think the Century Gothic is cleaner and the Papyrus hurts some people's eyes. Definitely darker is needed. Thanks, UKDP, Ellee, Welshcakes and Colin.