Friday, December 22, 2006

[us airlines] have they improved … or not

I was about to post an update on the Northwest article when one on Delta airlines popped up about dissatisfaction with their treatment of the passenger. At about that time, Cityunslicker posted his excellent comment on US airlines and now comes this news:

Delta has this week spurned US Airways’ merger offer, saying that its own plan for emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in spring 2007 will stand it in better stead. Jerry Grinstein, Delta’s chief executive officer, said: “Our progress over the past year attests to the strength of the Delta brand and the resolve of our 45,000 people who are transforming this company through their hard work.

Delta is well along in the process of a top to bottom transformation – implementing changes that have made a vast improvement in our performance. Our plan for a fundamentally new and different airline is working and is creating real value. We will emerge as a thoroughly new Delta that will be a strong global carrier with a solid foundation for profitable growth in a highly competitive environment.”

All of which begs the question: “Why are they in this situation in the first place?” and no, the economy and spiralling fuel costs cannot solely be blamed. The US commuter is quite happy to spend when the airline is good. All of which brings us back to Cityunslicker’s comment on the last post. Do read it.

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Most kind of you thanks. Enjoy your white Christms James.