Monday, December 25, 2006

[peace oil] small start, great hope

Jeremy Jacobs refers us to Peace Oil, which I posted on earlier in December but I’m glad that he reminds us of it again and a more appropriate Christmas post would be hard to find:

Peace Oil is produced in Israel by Jews, Arabs, Druze and Bedouin working together. Grown in the foothills of the Carmel Mountains, the olives are pressed within hours of picking, to produce this prize winning extra virgin olive oil.

An initiative of registered UK charity The Charities Advisory Trust, Peace Oil encourages co-operation between communities. By helping to market their produce it hopes to bring economic prosperity to such enterprises, encouraging others to follow their example.

Profits from Peace Oil are used to support peace and reconciliation work in the Middle East.

Peace Oil
Radius Works
Back Lane
0207 435 6500

[Interesting to me that this is set in the Carmel Mountains because my fourth book is set there, the hero and wife living in among the Druze for the most part. It is fair to say that the Carmel Mountain area and the north, as distinct from Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, seem to be better able to get on than their neighbours. Still, it’s a great start and any start is a hope.]


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Thanks for plugging this James. Makes a pleasant change from the normal Middle East nonsense we have to put up with in the media

james higham said...

The thing now is to see if they can come up with a second product and a third.