Saturday, December 09, 2006

[haggis] hunting season declared open

Happy Birthday, Haggiso!

Beginning with some folklore: Some say the spider watched by Robert the Bruce was escaping from a haggis foraging for food, then setting the atmosphere: The temperature is plummeting, the frosts of winter nestle on the moors and the steam is rising from massed ranks of the haggis hunters, then offers two nights of luxury at the world famous
Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire [if you are picked out of the Grand Prize draw for snaring a Golden Haggis], bottles of Champagne Gobillard NV, Scotsman calendars and then you pass into immortality in The Scotsman's Digital Archive.

Now these Scotsman Calendars on offer – they simply confirm that these guys are serious - I mean – real Scotsman Calendars on offer? To win, all you have to do is browse haggiscam and see if you can spot the haggis. If you’re still not sure if it’s dangerous or not, check the

Scotsman Calendar. A real one? For free! Still can’t believe my eyes. Poor old haggises – they’re in for a nasty shock.


Colin Campbell said...

I tried this last year, but I quickly realised I had a life to live. I used to get many laughs while I was in America describing what a haggis was. People were either grossed out or amused by my stories of the haggis, which had one set of long legs and another set of short legs, so that it could go around the mountain.

Americans are a lot more interested in Scottish Culture than Australians.

james higham said...

...I tried this last year, but I quickly realised I had a life to live...

Ah but this IS life, Colin. The Haggis is a serious issue.

WildHaggis said...

Pleasse don't hunt wild haggi. Buy one, take it home, and love it. But don't hunt it.