Friday, December 29, 2006

[film] the 100 greatest films of all time

Let’s make a start on this thing.

The problem is, essentially, that the Brits and Yankies look at these things from different sides of the pond. While critics try to be unbiased, national interest still creeps in.

I took four lists – two American and two British and even then, we are leaving out the French and other Europeans; plus Asia and local areas such as Australia.

Then we have the problem of ‘what’s a film?’ There were some fabulous Czech anti-war animations on celluloid many years ago. Do they count? What about Bond, James Bond?

Full text here.


Tim Almond said...

Were there some choices of yours that either weren't in the list, or were way off the mark.

I'm thinking of my own view of "The Graduate", "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Shawshank Redemption" that run counter to popular opinion.

I'm guessing "never give a sucker an even break".

james higham said...

Very much, Tim. I'm following up later with my 20 favourite films, a different animal altogether. This list was a condensing of 4 British and American polls.

Tim Almond said...

How do you reach 20? I'm at about 30 and still can't get any lower...