Sunday, December 24, 2006

[blogpower] christmas day special radio 5 live

This is not strictly a nourishing obscurity matter and yet I felt this Blogpower issue should be brought to your attention.

I’ve just listened to the Tin Drummer with the BBC’s Chris Vallance and I thought, quite frankly, he was fantastic.

We blog to each other and never know how the other one would sound but surely you’d have to agree the Tin Drummer has one of the best radio voices imaginable.

I myself am deeply honoured to have been mentioned [a little too much I feel] and now I’m going back and am going to listen to it all over again. Well done, sir and you’ve done Blogpower a world of good!!

Don’t forget to download Tin Drummer’s Christmas Day special below. I’m currently exploring how to get the graphic onsite. Thanks Thunderdragon for the hosting and the work.

or Chris Vallance's own BBC copy:

On another matter, fellow Blogpowerers, when the Christmas rush is over, after you’re back at your computer, could you possibly respond, as Cityunslicker has responded and compose a short summation of 10 other bloggers of your choice? It’s a bit like a Christmas present for them.

Meanwhile, to all of you, from whatever persuasion, this Christmas holiday, may only good things come to pass for you, as you would wish it on others. I hope December 25th will be a day of peace for you and for your family.


Gracchi said...

Same to you- I know you don't love Christmas- I have to say my personal bete noir is New Year's Eve- but I do hope you have a good couple of days.

james higham said...

Actually, I love Christmas as Christmas - carol singing, wassailing, hearthplace, yule log, mulled wine, children at the Christmas tree, grandparents in the comfy chairs, father at the mantelpiece - all of this I love but not the hijacking by the Cathedrals of Shopping.

Liz said...

I'm with you there, James. All the traditions - great! Like going out for a Chinese meal on Christmas Eve, which is what we're going to do soon! It's the being with the family bit that's best - although the crispy duck pancakes are rather yummy too!

A very happy Christmas to you and I look forward to reading more of your writings in the New year.

james higham said...

Oh Liz, why did you have to mention crispy duck? My absolute favourite. Almost like a cinder on the edge, torn by the fork, pancakes in the little round wicker thing and steaming, julienne cucumber and onion, sauce in a jug. Sigh.