Saturday, December 30, 2006

[blogfocus saturday] simple, homespun prose for the festive season

As the title suggests, in this more mellow 'tween Christmas and New Year period, these are some of the softer contributions from our bloggers, sometimes understandably so but sometimes quite a surprise indeed.

1 To get the ball rolling, let’s fly to Canada to have some tea with our margaritas:

I just love this tea pot from hubby. He said he trolled the antiques mall and there it was! It`s my favorite of all my teapots. Says Chelsea Gibson England on the bottom. Not sure if that`s a company or a person. It`s definitely been well loved and will be again. I like it so much that I keep it right on the table along with my traditional Christmas rose. Isobel especially admires that! This makes a nice pot of tea too :). He also gave me a new flat screen monitor. Wow....what a difference it makes. Now everything is in true colour rather than sometimes too dark to see. I think I did good this year!

2 Jack Kemp reflects on the religious or PC compulsion to wear this bit of clothing or to not wear this other one:

It seems there are two major schools of thought about unusual people with odd hats. One is that we should all learn about other cultures and be tolerant of them. The other is that we now in America have the Guaranteed Right not to be made uncomfortable by anything that doesn't suit our fancy, be it a person with an unusual hat or a with only one leg or who is obese or doesn't wear designer jeans - or is obese AND wears designer jeans.

3 Talking lifestyle [the making more leisurely of], this man is disillusioned and bored by it all:

A recent stunt [reported here at the BBC] was an effort to drum up publicity. The big idea: make Mondays part of the weekend. What a crazy, mad cap idea. I would love to meet the comic genius that came up with that one. Surely there were a million better ideas. In fact, why did they choose an idea that has already been adopted by most socialist governments in the EU?

Eleven more homespun pieces here plus the famous mystery blogger


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Thank you for putting some of my blog on your blog! Not as good as the others but I guess it fits the simple homespun :) Hope you have a wonderful New Year!


Ellee said...

James, Thank you for finding tea & margaritas for me again, I have posted there before, but didn't save the link. I love visiting sites with different themes and I find this one so gentle and relaxing.

Have a very happy New Year and thank you for your support. Blogpower has been a great idea, I have just heard the tin drummer interviewer, I want to visit all those blogpower sites in the New Year.

Take care.

Heather Yaxley said...

I love your eclectic tastes - always something wonderful, bizarre or thoughtful here. Have a happy 2007.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks again, James. What a lovely round-up. I am coming back to read it again tomorrow.