Thursday, December 28, 2006

[blogfocus saturday] 21:00 london time

This computer was hit by a Trojan virus about midnight Monday which took it over and reconfigured everything in the name of a Spanish or Portugese host.


Though it is now supposedly back in working order, I had the Blogfocus half ready when the computer suddenly crashed then rebooted itself and the auto-saved text and urls had been wiped.

Update on the update

It will have to be Blogfocus Saturday now, I'm afraid. Tuesday seems to have been a washout. So - 21:00, London time, Saturday, December 30th, New Year Edition.


Colin Campbell said...

I have been using AVG, which immediately cut down on those pesky things. They are going to a paying model, so I am going to try one that my company encourages. Very necessary things those anti virus software programmes. Good luck with digging out.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

So sorry, James. I know how it feels.

james higham said...

Yes, I'm going to AVG on Sundy and shall throw the Kaspersky which was absolutely useless. [Do you detect a certain amount of venom in the comment?]Thanks for the best wishes but hopefully we're now back.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Hope things get sorted.
I`m not wishing away the season....just anxious to see my garden again :)
Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year!


CityUnslicker said...

Good luck with it. i have never had a trojan, but some stupid shopping thing nearly killed my comp earlier this year.

Hope you sort it soon. i look forward to the blog focus.

Gracchi said...

Bad luck James those trojans are pesky things I hope you get rid of it soon- I had one last year which was a real pain to get rid of but in the end it passed away having applied several programs to it. Good luck.