Tuesday, November 28, 2006

[worst movie ever] 3rd nomination – arthur’s dyke

Arthur's Dyke (2001)
Directed by
Gerry Poulson, Writing credits Robb Stringle Cast: Pauline Quirke … Janet, Robert Daws … Arthur; Richard Graham … Andy

Gracchi said … Not sure if this made it to the cinema but otherwise it surely would make the list. I ended up watching it whilst on holiday in Wales with a couple of mates and it was unintentionally funny because it was so bad. Its called Arthur's Dyke. Unfortunately I don't think it qualifies because I suspect it was never released cinematically.

James answers: That doesn’t necessarily disqualify it. It only had to be seriously intended for cinematic release.

Plot Outline: Twenty years ago, three men set out on the longest walk of their lives. They vowed to repeat the walk, but this time they are joined by a forty year old wife and mother who is in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

Looking, good, Tiberius Gracchus. Another review:

Shamefully assembled Author:
(lord_seagrave@totalise.co.uk) from London, England

In spite of a humorous and interesting summary, Arthur's Dyke failed to sustain either humour or interest for any length of time. There are moments of well-observed comedy, but it looks and feels like an extended Sunday night drama - although overly long and disappointingly shallow. The film attempts to incorporate too much (neglect, terminal illness, ignorance, regret, homophobia etc) and is tarnished by a pointless cameo from Dennis Waterman. The story is potentially good, but let down in execution because insufficient time and depth is afforded to the key areas of the plot, and the cluttering of other (crassly inserted) issues. Having said that, it is well shot and occasionally witty, and Quirke's performance is solid. The viewer will, however, gain more from an average episode of 'Down to Earth'.

Think it’s qualified itself. One more from the SMH:

Arthur's Dyke plays out like an extended episode of Monarch of the Glen. At best, it's free promotion for the Welsh Tourism Board. Mostly, it's like walking all day through the driving rain, mud and marshes of the British countryside without a nice B&B to roll up to.

And if you need that in Dutch:

Drie vrienden besluiten na twintig jaar bij wijze van reünie nog één keer de oude wandelroute langs Offa's Dyke in Noord-Engeland te lopen. Huisvrouw Janet heeft hetzelfde idee gekregen en de vier ontmoeten elkaar onderweg, evenals allerlei andere soorten wandelaars.

So, Arthur’s Dyke has qualified as the 3rd nomination and thanks to Gracchi. The other two nominations so far are here and here. The 4th will be tomorrow morning, from dirty dingus.


Gracchi said...

I think this almost might be a prouder moment for me than being included on your blogfocus!

Gracchi said...

Not that wasn't a true accomplishment as well- but this is so so sweet.

newmania said...

Not a worst movie ever maybe but Spielburg`s Munich was a sad missed opportunity . It was a right wing story that need commitment and got hand wringing Liberalism. Searchers with agonising .Ugh
Ghastly mess, the questions should emerge from the action not the mouths of the characters

james higham said...

I'll check it out, Paul.