Monday, November 27, 2006

[they got me] bureacracy and the workplace

Well, work finally caught up plus the bureaucracy. Tomorrow I must stand around a large building in the centre of the city for about four hours during morning blogging time, along with about 2000 others, for a battery of state medical tests - blood sample, fluorograph etc., then off to work, so unless I squeeze one post in early tomorrow morning during the glass of water breakfast, it will be tomorrow afternoon before the next one. And on Blogfocus day too. Wish me luck and hope they don't come up with something nasty I've contracted.


Ellee said...

I wouldn't the dishy doctor in this picture giving me a check over, I'm sure I could find something wrong with me that needed his expert attention!

Glad to hear you are as fit as a fiddle - now how did that saying originate?

james higham said...

You mean you wouldn't mind the dishy doctor, Lady Ellee?