Monday, November 27, 2006

[britain] flat rate tax and cbi

I’m buying into an issue here which others with more claim to expertise have already dealt with. As your average Joe Bloggs, I asked a question on one site: how could a CBI be afforded and flat rate tax also? I suppose I was looking at our own 13% flat rate tax over here.

Here are some summaries of the issue for the benefit of those rare souls, such as me, who may not yet be au fait with the whole biz:

Radical UK Financial Reform. DK . Freebornjohn. Mr E. S&M reported over a year ago. Citizen's Basic Income. Tim Worstall.

Well, someone has costed it and a powerful lot of work it is. The bottom line is a 20% flat tax. Now I’d like to see how this and DK’s proposals can be combined. Stay tuned.


Bretters said...

This paper on flat tax at seemed to me to be pretty informed and well worth the (very long) read!

james higham said...

Thanks, Brett, will check it out. Wat Tyler is associated with these people, I believe.