Sunday, November 26, 2006

[accident prone] or just plain unlucky

Are you accident prone? Are you unlucky?

Britain's unluckiest man has suffered his 17th accident, falling down a manhole. John Lyne's misfortunes have included lightning strikes, a rock fall, near drowning and car crashes. Mr Lyne, 54, of Stainforth, will be out of action for eight months after his latest mishap.

Maybe you’re the type who’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe you just have bad luck. For example, you book a table at the local pub for 16 people from your office for lunch but when you get there, they have you in the V.I.P. room and are expecting the cash to flow whereas all you were hoping for was for them to put some tables together for a few drinks and nibbles.

BBC Health has an explanation but would that explanation cover this? And of course, everyone remembers Final Destination.


Anonymous said...

I would say that chap is bloody lucky - how is he still alive!

james higham said...

Charmed life? Do you believe in such thngs?