Saturday, October 28, 2006

[the world] what we do when we don’t like the facts

One blogger now increasingly drawing me back to his site said: Thereby a man might describe as a persistent myth any fact that stands against his beliefs … [and so] … we find that a mass of men sets about exploding “myths” all over the place, such that a dust and a general disorder is thrown up around every matter, to which it is then difficult to attract clear and calm attention. As I understand him, there is a mass of facts and they don’t always accord with our nice, pat beliefs we’ve developed for ourselves. This leads to the Holcombe syndrome. One such fact is the little matter of who is behind all the trouble in the world. No one will ever accept the facts. They don’t compute. 'Oh, that's just a myth,' we say. Yet rigorous, unfettered, thorough research will confirm the unfashionable truth.

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