Saturday, October 28, 2006

[vodka] helps on a winter’s eve – if it’s pure

Perfect example of an MSM beat-up: The headline said: Alcohol poisoning sweeps Russia. Uh-huh. Inside, this had become: Dozens have died in certain disadvantaged areas among poorer members of the population [population 170 000 000]. Only in the very last paragraph do they say: Living standards have improved in recent years, boosted by oil revenues, and average monthly salaries are the equivalent of $US400. But people want to believe the headline, don’t they? Doesn’t matter if it’s distorted or not – it’s a great story. That's all that matters.

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Ellee said...

It doesn't surprise me at all. I understand many of them distill their own vodka, that they have terrible black teeth too beause they drink their tea after placing sugar lumps on their tongue first, that was what I saw when I visited Moscow and Leningrad.