Friday, October 27, 2006

[virginia race] down to the wire for the wrong reasons

What interests me in the tussle between Republican Sen. George Allen and Democrat Jim Webb, a former Navy secretary, for Virginia, were the ‘personal controversies that have all but hijacked a critical contest’ and the possible solution – a seven-year statute of limitations on character attacks. ‘Webb has been dogged by a 1979 magazine article in which he argued that women did not belong in combat or at military academies. Allen is trying to overcome a past fondness for Confederate flags and pins, the noose he once had in his law office — which he said was part of a Western memorabilia collection — and new questions about his attitudes on race.’ It looks as if it will go down to the wire but perhaps for the wrong reasons.

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kris said...

As Sir Alex might say- I hope they both lose.

I can't believe that Webb is a genuine Democrat with the crap that came outta his mouth in the 80's; and the other muppet- he looks like a Dubya with wheels.

I despair.