Sunday, October 01, 2006

[sunday blogfocus] can this medium ever be viable

The Pedant-General-in-Ordinary

[Small note: This is not a blog round-up. It’s a piece on a certain topic each Sunday, utilizing what other bloggers [not all] have said about it during the last week.]

A non-blogger I know, the manager of Apple in this neck of the woods, yesterday asked about the conversion to hard cash of the blogging idea. He’d seen a programme on the explosion of blogging all over the world and how anyone with a PC was opening a blog and expecting instant traffic and ad-sense returns.

One estimate said there were 54 million blogs worldwide and the stats said that most of these would not rise much above a standard 50 visitors a day [hits being more of course]. Then there was an exponential leap into the thousand range and all sorts of deals and advertising making the idea viable. Some do make a semi-career of it.
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