Sunday, October 01, 2006

[sudan] best to skip over this post – it’s quite nasty

If you’re squeamish and don’t wish to spoil your Sunday lunch, best to pass over this one - it’s not very nice. Former US Marine officer, Brian Steidle believed that following orders and doing the right thing were one and the same. Then he went to Darfur. "I was a witness to genocide," he says. Steidle had heard reports of atrocities by nomadic Arab militias armed and supported by the Government against African farmers who supported Darfur's rebels. The raiders were called Janjaweed – "devils on horseback". He’d never seen anything like it – schoolgirls bound together and burned alive, babies with bullets in the back, eyes gouged out. That month he wrote an email to his sister, Gretchen: "This is not the doing of humans, this is the work of the devil." Continued.

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