Monday, October 30, 2006

[school chaplains] return to real values

It’s right out in the open now and the gloves are off. In Australia, a new school chaplaincy program would not force religion on children but instead provide more choices, says Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop [Liberals – means Conservatives]. Labor has backed the plan [amazing], but minor parties, including the Greens and Democrats say the proposal blurs the line between church and state. The Green humanistic atheists can’t have it all their own way – the truth has to also be told sometime, as a counter-balance, according to their own enlightened debating rules. And this should produce some very lively debate. [Interesting that Blogger let this one go straight to post in 2 mins with no impediments.]

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Colin Campbell said...

Very odd strategy. I think that there are many more valuable programmes that Cardinal Howard could support to improve schooling. It is strange that in a secular society that the government would be thrusting state approved religious counsellors down school communities throats. Apparently the community has to want it and then the good people at the Commonwealth have to approve it to ensure there is no Son of Hilali counselling kids.