Wednesday, October 25, 2006

[politics] on the fuzzying of border zones

There are two prolific commenters, dsquared and dearieme, who roam cyberspace, dropping their pearls of wisdom and the latter, yesterday, dropped a particular pearl of wisdom on Chris Dillow’s blog: 'Equality of opportunity': why must the left always talk in extreme, often belligerent, terms? Why must we have equality, why must this be maximised, that eliminated and t'other never happen again? How about just trying to move in a desired direction, with this improved, that ameliorated and t'other reduced in frequency? What a wonderful basis for an international stance, one can't help thinking. National borders could be deliberately fuzzy - sort of mixed zones, as it were, hardening slowly as they move towards their own centres, local culture emphasized. I really think these are my politics.

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Deogolwulf said...

Ah, good old Dearieme.