Friday, October 27, 2006

[love & all that] why we like those whom we like

If you can tell me from where this came, I’ll gladly link: So what were Romeo and Juliet feeling when their eyes met across the proverbial room? Most likely, psychologists will tell you, it was something that's not quite love. "Lust at first sight exists," explains Pepper Schwartz, a University of Washington sociologist who specializes in love and relationships. We all have certain "markers," Schwartz says--certain things that ring our love bells. These might include eye color, a type of build, or even the way someone dresses. It's hard to say how these markers develop, and why certain people appeal to us more than others, she says. But there are theories.


newmania said...

What an amazing blog! Thats naked gun isn`t it .I reckon with Romeo and Juliette if Daddy had said . Oh go on then , she`d have lost interest.

Unlucky with the letters and poison at the end . What a Tragedy for all concerned

dearieme said...

"Pepper Schwartz":how wunnerful. I'll bet that when she was little she used to throw her brother Salz over her shoulder for good luck.