Monday, October 30, 2006

[lewisham] fond memories of maggie’s cafe

Are you familiar with Lewisham? You know when you come from Tesco’s carpark along the narrow walkway between the station ramp and the café on the left? That’s Maggie’s and I got it into my head to write to her and find out how things were going. Maggie was a wonder in 1995, swirling round the café with two pots of tea, refilling people’s empty cups and asking if they were all right; and the food was the best and most reasonably priced in London. Basic fare, done well and what’s more – you could see them preparing it through there. Eleven years later, I imagine she may have moved on but the café/restaurant is still going. Check it out.


Andrew Brown said...

Maggie's still there and still asking if we're all right.

This year she won the Award for the Best Customer Care in the Lewisham Business Awards.

justine w said...

I left Lewisham 10 years ago to live in Sydney Australia. On my visits home i always pop in for a coffee and fry-up. And that hair on Maggie,s head is real.Is Joan still there?

james higham said...

Thanks, Andrew, for the info. Trouble is, Justine, I don't know the answer because I'm now expat. James Cleverly would know.