Monday, October 30, 2006

[islamic court] you’re a bit strong so no talks

Monty Lionheart has this one taped – do go across and have a look: 1] The Islamic Courts Union, which controls much of southern Somalia, has refused to meet the interim government for peace talks unless Ethiopian troops leave the country. 2] Although an 18-strong Islamic delegation flew to Sudan on Sunday, Adow said they would not engage with the largely powerless interim administration until Ethiopian troops leave. I’m a bit confused here – Sudan is not Somalia. Or is it all part of the same process – send in the militias to rape, mutilate and torture to death, then move in and offer yourself as the ‘saviours’?

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ScotsToryB said...


perhaps you can have a wee look at Monty's blog re ID cards and post a link - - to get the rest of us great unwashed to start standing up for ourselves?


p.s. apologies if you already have done.

p.p.s. You will no doubt enjoy that word verification came up with 'jock'