Monday, October 30, 2006

[id cards] open letter to all readers

More likely an embedded verichip than what's in this photo

ScotsToryB commented: James, perhaps you can have a wee look at Monty's blog re ID cards and post a link to get the rest of us great unwashed to start standing up for ourselves. My readership, STB, is not large but I do have readers with large readerships - fellow bloggers. For you ladies and gentlemen, if you happen upon this post, please go to Monty Lionheart's own post on ID cards, if you haven't already done so; then to this site and then prehaps think out the best possible way to use your blog to assist - maybe running banners, I don't know. I'll think it out this evening in terms of my own blog. Our children's future quite possibly depends on it.

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