Sunday, October 15, 2006

[express poll] you got it right, general

Sunday Express poll: Sir Richard Dannatt’s stance has won the immediate support of the families of soldiers killed in Iraq.

A new poll reveals 71 per cent of Britons think Sir Richard was right to warn that the continued presence of British troops is making the security crisis in Iraq worse and 74 per cent agree with Sir Richard that British soldiers should leave Iraq “some time soon”.

57 per cent agree that Muslim extremists are exploiting a “moral vacuum” in Britain to undermine our way of life and 44 per cent want to see a greater role for the British Army in combating Islamic terrorism.

Lord David Ramsbotham, adjutant general of the army during the first Gulf War said: “I don’t think Sir Richard should be sacked. The point he has made quite rightly and strongly is that if the Army continues to be hammered into the ground, there won’t be an Army in five to 10 years.”

For what it's worth, this blog concurs with these findings.

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