Saturday, October 28, 2006

[blogfocus] the concise and the succinct

Featured blogger: The Rock of Israel [together with Shimon Peres in January]

Ladies and gentlemen, the theme today is concise writing and quoting. First, from one of the masters of the quoting style - Stephen Pollard [see photo]: Tee Hee: Poor Macca. Divorcing a one-legged prostitute who accuses him of wife-beating and he's still the boring one out of Lennon and McCartney. Tim Worstall, who has made linking an art form, drily comments: More Tee Hee: Stephen Pollard [steals a line] quotes from Popbitch. Here's a typical Worstall link: Have you seen what The Great Leader has now said? And a typical Pollard: This will make you laugh out loud. However, both have fierce competition for the ConSuc title this week. Read on for that.

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Dave Hill said...

You're being far too nice to me. Not that I'm complaining, or anything...