Thursday, September 28, 2006

[wallace] it wasn’t the question – it was the smirk

That outburst by Bill Clinton last Sunday, when he referred to the smirk on the face of Christopher Wallace, has puzzled many. It’s so easy to understand. He brought Clinton in under false pretences, his attitude from the beginning was mocking behind his obsequious ‘sirs’ and he simply wished to provoke, then turn around and innocently ask of all and sundry, ‘Whatever have I done wrong?’ He placed himself on the same intellectual plane as Clinton and in the smirk was overweaning arrogance and deep disrespect for a man who has strutted the world stage whilst Wallace himself has done zilch in any creative sense. He wasted the other man’s time and time is not a thing any of us have to waste. I’m not a Clinton fan but he was 100% right on this one. And for this last reason of wasted time, over here yesterday, I refused to deal with a particular group of people again. Life’s too short for such rubbish.

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