Tuesday, September 26, 2006

[professor kember] oliver kamm’s take

Leaving aside politics for one moment, I like Oliver Kamm personally. Therefore, when I began reading his piece on Professor Kember, I was more than a little worried. This sort of thing from the pacifist who was rescued by the SAS and was tardy in thanking them: “My son-in-law is a volunteer lifeboat man, who goes out to rescue stupid yachtsmen that do silly things. “People may say I did something silly there but I was rescued by people who, by being in the forces, chose to put their lives at risk so I don’t think that’s a valid argument.” Was this being presented as legitimate? I needn’t have worried. Kamm concluded: Soldiers risk their lives by volunteering for combat. Professor Kember believes they are wrong to do this. That is why Professor Kember is not only graceless but also hypocritical. Sigh of relief, for it is indeed so. Plus, I'm one of those 'stupid yachtsmen' who never expected any help but his own.

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