Saturday, September 30, 2006

[mongolia news] marmot meat poisoning and secret airport renaming

In this blog’s first and possibly last venture into accessing the latest news from Mongolia, comes this, grammatically untouched: A 20 years old young lady who just enrolled college locates in Tsetserleg (center of Arkhangai aimag) had high fever for 4-5 days and said she ate marmot meat recently. Doctors diagnosed it might be plague. [by Tsatsaa] Poor girl. I have another one here, if you're interested: Buyant Ukhaa airport has without much publicity been renamed Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Unknowning travellers were surprised to hear upon touchdown the pilot's announcement mentioning this new name. You would most likely be at least a little surprised to fly into an airport which has changed its name en route and never told anyone about it. Mongolian News - what do you think? Continue with it, unknowning reader? Also, I'd love to do a post in Stranglish [strangled English].

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