Saturday, September 30, 2006

[foreign office] the only word is treason

On the Afghanistan debacle, please muse one more time on Capt. Leo Docherty's words, as he described how British troops managed to capture the Taliban stronghold but then had nothing to offer by way of development: "The military is just one side of the triangle," he said. "Where were the Department for International Development and the Foreign Office?" As forces sat back with little to offer, the Taliban hit back and British troops there were bunkered up and under daily attack. "Now the ground has been lost and all we're doing in places like Sangin is surviving. It's completely barking mad." More than one blogger has written about the pro-muslim, anti-jewish bias of the FCO and if you put that together with Docherty's words and if you accept both as containing at least a grain of truth, then what we have here is nothing short of actual 'treason' somewhere within the FCO. Someone knowingly allowed this to occur and is thus betraying the British army in favour of a foreign group of insurgents. How else can the military interpret it?

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