Thursday, September 28, 2006

[film reflects life] blade runner remembered

Do you remember the film Blade Runner where replicants, robotic humanoids who did all the dirty work for humans, were invented by, in Russell Ebert’s words, "a slimy leader of an evil megacorporation", Joe Turkel? When they discover that Turkel has programmed into their circuits an early death for them, they decide to pay him a visit. Do you remember the moment when Tyrell asks the replicant, after they’ve tricked their way into his penthouse apartment, "What seems to be the problem?" "Death," responds Rutger Hauer, the cerebral psychotic. He then proceeds to slowly "execute" Tyrell. Well Tyrell’s corporation reminded me today of Blogger and I see myself in the role of Rutger Hauer. If only I can work out where they’re hiding out, I'd like to pay a visit to the Blogger programmers.

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