Friday, September 29, 2006

[cricket] inzamam and the warne-buchanan rift

Colin Campbell wrote that the issue of Inzamam and Pakistan were two separate issues and in re-reading Cricinfo, he's right and yet Inzamam did say: I had an idea that I would face some sort of ban. This is the most lenient ban and I will not appeal against it. I think that says it all. On another matter, the peerless Tim de Lisle is slightly askew when he reported that Shane Warne is at it again - getting into trouble, then wriggling off the hook. Warne was widely quoted last week as saying that Buchanan "over-complicates issues" and has sometimes "lacked a little bit of common sense". The thing is, as I e-mailed Tim, Bill O Reilly once told some boys that if you see a coach coming, hide behind the sidescreen until he’s gone. It’s a long tradition in Australian cricket and doesn’t necessarily point to a rift.

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Blue and Brown said...

We heard from someone who knows someone that Warney called Buchanan a 'dork' and Buchanan actually cried when he heard about it.

Then he threatened to make Shane bat at nine.