Friday, September 29, 2006

[cia bill] very nasty time coming up for the ordinary citizen

Finally Vox and more than just a few other Americans are seriously scrutinizing the new bill and Vox has come up with this conclusion: Under the language of the bill, there is no test whatsoever for whether a citizen or non-citizen is an "unlawful enemy combatant." Under the law, someone is an UEC if a military tribunal says so. That is to say, the tribunals have power that is not at all subject to constraint or law … Has this blog [and others] not been saying this for two months? Has it not gone on and on about the 4th player, about ID cards being the thin edge of the wedge and that this is now going to flow across the pond to Britain and into Europe? This is very, very nasty, citizens and yet we are still concerning ourselves with small matters like Hazel Blears and Polly Toynbee while the walls are inexorably being constructed around us, brick by brick, by relentless automatons.

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