Friday, September 29, 2006

[awb charge] western agency funded saddam hussein’s bunker for dead kurds

The AWB could face criminal charges linked to terrorism offences, amid fresh claims some of its staff knew money being funnelled to Saddam Hussein's government could have been used to build bunkers to bury dead Kurds. In its closing stages today, the Cole inquiry has seen an AWB document which reveals the Iraqis in 2001 wanted foreign currency to build 2,000 concrete bunkers. Who is the AWB? American War Board? Association of Women of Britain? No, as every Australian knows, it’s the Australian Wheat Board. Wheat. The stuff we use for bread. What, may I ask, was a wheat board doing with dead Kurds?

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Colin Campbell said...

It was doing what any Quasi Government Bureaucracy would do which was to buy market access. Most Australians believe that there was a great deal of nod nod wink wink endorsement of the strategy by the Australian Government, despite the never ending denials from those who should have known. Although it was fairly unethical, I doubt that it was unusual for many bulk commodity sellers. Are the "bribes" paid by British Aerospace or Boeing or.... any different. What these guys are selling are designed to kill, not feed people.