Friday, September 29, 2006

[autumn fall] it’s leaf-peeping time again

Let’s think of pleasant things. Things like leaf peeping. There are few sights in nature as spectacular as New England's autumn leaves: a fiery medley of pumpkin orange, school house red and buttery yellow, spread across the landscape like a Persian carpet. Don Smith, chief forester for the state of Connecticut and other forestry experts throughout New England say that while some trees may suffer from this summer’s drought, the overall landscape appears healthy and on its way to producing at least average if not excellent fall foliage this season. That's good news for tourist business in New England, where the leaf season's economic impact is an estimated $8 billion. Time to be out there in the fresh air, enjoying nature’s finest show. Photo and info.

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Colin Campbell said...

Yes. Very spectacular. I used to go to Vermont and New Hampshire every fall to visit the relatives when I lived in Washington DC. The foliage in South Australia is not as dramatic at that time of year. Southern Hemisphere spring is kicking into gear at the moment with flowers and trees blooming .