Saturday, September 23, 2006

[aaagh] just burnt the toast a second time

Isn’t the internet wonderful? Whilst furiously typing just now and following DK’s link, I burnt my toast twice and at this moment the flat is acrid with smoke and the neighbours have just pounded on the door and asked if everything’s OK. In a rit of fealous jage, I typed ‘burnt toast and jam’ into Google and this came up. Any connection with Kinky? Then I got round it by just putting in ‘burnt toast’ and this came up. Art for Housewives will now become one of my visited sites – the concept is inspired although the page could do with some design work. Anyway, one more round of the other lads' sites and then I'm off to do some heraldry. By the way, I just dolloped the jam directly to the mouth with a teaspoon in the end.

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