Sunday, August 27, 2006

[quiz] this time on literature

Are you ready? 10 questions:

1] Which 1971 novel written by William Peter Blatty was turned into a classic horror film?

2] Which Shakespeare play concerns the two old friends Valentine and Proteus' love for the beautiful Julia?

3] Whose first play is called 'Catalina'?

4] Which French poet, born in 1821, was described by Rimbaud as 'The first seer, king of poets, a true god"?

5] For which Ministry did Winston Smith work in 1984?

6] In which book would you find the exceedingly strong drink called the 'Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster'?

7] What is the name of the Eugene O'Neill play set in Harry Hope's bar?

8] Jane Austen had five brothers but only one sister. What was her name?

9] Ruritania is an imaginary country which was invented as a setting for two novels. Now the name is used to describe any state where the intrigues of a reactionary court dominate politics. Name either of the two books in which it first appeared.

10] What is Sherlock Holmes' seven percent solution in "The Sign of Four"?

Answers tomorrow evening.

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