Monday, August 28, 2006

[latest] winston says britain ready

If you didn't quite get the Sinospeak in the last post, try the Spiffyspeak here.

[Note for the American readers: don't call Spiffyspeak Squiffyspeak although I'm aware that the Squadron leader employs the term below. Squiffy has taken on an entirely different meaning in recent times.]

Here's a report from the front line:

Jones: Morning, Squadron Leader.

Idle: What-ho, Squiffy.

Jones: How was it?

Idle: Top-hole. Bally Jerry, pranged his kite right in the how's-your-father; hairy blighter, dicky-birded, feathered back on his sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harpers and caught his can in the Bertie.

Jones: Er, I'm afraid I don't quite follow you, Squadron Leader.

Idle: It's perfectly ordinary banter, Squiffy.

Full text here.

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